Charles Awurum: Some Actresses are in Nollywood for Pr0stituti0n

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Veteran Nollywood actor, Charles Awurum, has revealed why some actors joined the industry.

In an interview, the actor stated that some practitioners joined the industry because of money and they don’t mind the kind of production they do.

“While some get in because of fame, such people feel that once they get in, everything will fall in place.

They don’t take time to learn the technical aspects of the job, especially production and become experts at what they do.

“Some are there for women, while some women are there to make a name in order to go into other things and have their way in the world.”

He revealed that some women are in Nollywood for prostitution. And some others are there for the reason best known to them.

He added that some people are in the industry without talents, but they are unwilling to learn the rudiments of the profession.

“Some practitioners buy roles and they go on set to display their big cars, buy gifts for producers in order to have an edge.

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“Such would be given lead roles, but they make things difficult for everyone in that production. Shooting a scene usually takes days and the producer wouldn’t want to drop such an actor because of the benevolence he or she enjoys from such a person”, he added.

While speaking on some of the challenges he faced as an actor, he said money is part of it as it is an essential tool to produce a good movie.

He revealed that some producers produce movies that are not up to standard because of lack of money. Because of that factor, they don’t pay the actors who feature in their movies well. “That is why people like me who have deep roots in the industry wouldn’t accept just anything to feature in a movie.”

He further stated that producers are no longer ready to produce good films. They just want to produce anything in order to be called movie producers. Such people mess up the industry.

Some producers sell movie roles, while others use cameras that are not up to date, resulting in work of low quality

He stressed that there are still good producers, but the quacks need to be removed from the industry. If not, the industry will still be seen as an industry that does not know what it is doing.

The actor also revealed that he cannot act in a pornographic movie. He advised actors not to allow their ambition ruin their future because most people are just there to be seen.

He added that those who cannot act, but still have interest in the industry should explore other aspects of movie making.

He revealed that the industry is no longer the way it used to be, that is why he’s no longer a regular, not because he doesn’t get called for movie roles.

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