“People Have Compared Me to Animals” – Plus-size model, Monalisa Stephen opens up

Monalisa Stephen opens

Plus-size actress and model, Monalisa Stephen has broken her silence weeks after sharing a disturbing note on social media.

It would be recalled that the actress got her followers worried on Tuesday, June 7, after she shared a cryptic post which seemed like a suicide note on her Instastory. Read the note here

The thespian has now granted a tell-it-all interview where she opened up on being bullied from a young age, her struggles with health-complications and poverty.

Monalisa Stephen opens

She shared a video snippet of the interview and wrote,

“Over the week, there have been wrong misconceptions/Talks and I would have ignored but I owe it to my family and friends and women who actually look up to me to tell “MY TRUTH.

What happened to me have got nothing to do with “ BODY POSITIVITY “ it’s Farrr from it .

Have had my own share of the struggle/suffering( I came from Nothing) so I work really hard to get here and I will work harder .

Over the years I have grown a thick Skin. When trolls come for me sometimes I am thinking of my next meal or my next content.

Sometimes I am struggling with how not to go completely blind due to complications from Diabetes which I had since I was 10 years old. Then some other stuff and Tinnitus(you don’t want to have that trust me )But I understand people just wanna troll you without not thinking what you may be going through.

I was suicidal due to this ugly incident but I am not Depressed.

I was just unfortunate to meet Evil and I am glad that I am healing”

See her post below,

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