See The Embarrassing Moment Popular Comadian and SkitmakerKie Kie Fall’s Off The Stage at An Award Ceremony (See Video)

Kie Kie falls off stage

Nigerian content creator, actress, and TV host, Bukunmi Adeaga – Ilori professionally known as Kie Kie has reacted to the epic fall she had at an event last night.

Kemi Filani news recalls Kie Kie had an embarrassing situation as she fell off stage at an award ceremony.

The actress who was one of the winners at the Trendupp Award had an happy night turned into an embarrassing moment as she fell off while dancing on the stage.

Kie Kie who was the host of the night was thrilling guests with her dance skills before the unfortunate incident happened.

The situation was so bad that the actress fell down the stairs and the audience screamed in fear.

Shrugging off the embarrassing situation, Kie Kie took to the stage once more to thank those who voted for her.

Social media users had things to say about the embarrassing moment.

While other sympathised with her, the rest mocked her.

Reacting to the trending news, Kie Kie denied falling off stage.

According to her, it was only a prank.

Kie Kie stated that she would never fall down as it was only staged.

“That caption should read : the moment KIEKIE pranked the Audience! Weren’t you at the event? I love the playback effect tho! Makes you look pathetic with your attempt! Me I wee not fall down in Jesus name”.

Kie Kie falls on stage
Kie Kie falls on stage

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