‘See Why My Teacher Told Me I Won’t Be Anything In This Life’ – Davido

Politics in Nigeria not for faint hearted – Davido The Nation Newspaper

Davido made the revelation during a talk in “Tea with Taymesan” podcast. The father of three said that he was a bad kid in school and his French teacher had told him that he would not amount to anything useful.

He said: “I know how bad my grades were. In school, I was like the most unlikely to succeed type of student. My French teacher told me I won’t be anything in this life.

“I won’t lie I was a bad kid with good intentions. Life is fast, I have been doing this continuously since I was sixteen years old. Off course I have had to cry, not even about losing my friends alone. I cry about different situations. It comes and goes. I cried on my birthday.”

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