Sexual Predator Caught In The Act Inside Lagos Nigeria Bus [VIDEO]

Here is the story of a lady who was “attacked” by a sexual predator inside a commercial bus in Lagos state on Monday.

Here is what an eyewitness said about the unpleasant experience.

“I Took a 6am ish uncomfortable bus from Ogba to Obalende. And was just listening to music when I noticed the lady right in front of me smacking the guy beside her on the face and the guy was attempting to slap her back and she held his hands. At this point everyone was trying to separate them and know what was going on. Then the lady said the man wash touching her inappropritely.

She said when she entered the bus, the man touched her breast and apologized when she admonished him saying it was because the sits were tight.

Then the man kept leaning towards her in the trip (I saw that but thought the guy was just dozing off, this happens a lot on buses. So she started feeling weird then pretended to sleep as well. That’s when the touching and sniffing began. And she smacked him, really hard. And he was trying to defend himself until the woman started complaining and yelling pretty hard. Everybody in the bus was quiet at this point and the woman started calling her family. She complained no one was speaking including women. I felt so ashamed at this point. I think all the women did. Because let’s face it, we’ve all had some sort of sexual predator at a point in our lives.

So we started shouting as well. The man was asking us to forgive him, that this isn’t his behavior.

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