Why I Stopped Believing in God – Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh Unearths

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Nollywood actress, Kayamata seller, and Brand Influencer, Tonto Dikeh is also known as Queen Tontolet who has confessed that she’s proud to be an Atheist.

The mother of one publicly gushed her Faith via her verified Instagram page, claiming that it is to question God and that it’s okay to stop believing in God.

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She also revealed that the only person who is not allowed to give up is God and claimed that it’s okay to do whatever one wants to do by saying…

“It is okay to lose your trust and love for God! It is okay to question God! It is okay to stop believing.

You know why? Because God never created us in his image nor likeness. At least, not literally.

The only one who is not allowed to give up is the God himself. He created us with the power of choice. Whatever rocks your boat, do it.

God doesn’t need anyone to defend him. Hateful words or disappointing words wouldn’t stop me from saying or feeling more”. 

She also confessed that she’s very stubborn and that instead of her to fear God, let God fear her by saying…

“I’m too STUBBORN. Let God himself do the defense through his touch while if you care too much, just pray because I’m not alone in this stage (Check on your parents/ loved ones).

We have so many broken men and women today make up our society because they have been thought to hide these feelings, because God is supreme.

Bullshit my Bible says He’s my father, my friend. I’m not ashamed to be weak for I know I would not be here too long!”

See her post below…

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