Why You Should Breastfeed Your Baby Not Men – Nollywood Actress, Uche Ogbodo

Breastfeed Your Babies Not Men ...Uche Ogbodo - PURE ENTERTAINMENT

According to the mother of two via her Instagram page, men are not babies and should not be breastfed.

The actress while ‘bonding’ with her baby added that, breastfeeding a man does not fix a man’s ability to be reasonable, adding that babies need breastmilk more to be smart.

Sharing photos of herself, breastfeeding her child, she wrote; ‘Breastfeed your Babies not men. Babies need sense, but man way no get sense, no get a sense. Breast no go fix am oo. Bonding time with my bunny’

See photo below;

Meanwhile, Uche Ogbodo  has opened up on the reasons why she harbours fear towards marriage.

The mother of two in a recent interview stated that despite being a single mum, she is still open to good marriage with some conditions that must be met before she would venture into the institution.

In her own words, she wrote; “I have never criticized good marriages, I always condemn bad marriages; the ones full of abuse – mental, physical and spiritual. It is not like I have a lot of experiences but with the little I have seen, I try to educate people through my pains and aches. Marriage is not rosy all the time, but it shouldn’t be tears and pains all the time either. So, I haven’t closed the chapter of marriage in my life but I am not too desperate for marriage. If I am happy in it, I’ll definitely stay when the time comes.”

When asked if she’s willingly to settle down with her second baby daddy Bobby Maris who is much younger, Ms. Ogbodo averred, “they are chances of getting married to Bobby; we have our little family. We are still together and happy. Everything is working well. If it becomes not too stressful for me and not so tough, I would consider marriage. Everybody deserves to be happy, married and with a loved one.”

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