Young Lady Who Almost Committed Suicide While She Was Single Thanks God For Sending Her A Husband

The young lady took to her Insta Stories to reveal how things were quite difficult for her as a single lady to the extent she almost took her life but God sent her husband to her.

She said: “I’ve done so many awful things to myself in the name of trying to be a Big Girl. And I thank God for sending his son (my husband) into my life and I thank God for growth because i dont know where I would have been today.

“When people thought my life would be ruined when I got married, I laughed because I knew it was just the beginning of a beautiful story for me.”

“If you don’t know all the details you wont understand how happy I am to be where I am today. The girl who almost took her own life is actually now successful. It’s still a dream.

“My biggest flex is that I conquered despite all odds and surrounded by people who love me.”

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